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Home » Assignment of the fifth NoiPA: what are the advantages?

Assignment of the fifth NoiPA: what are the advantages?

Assignment of the fifth NoiPA: what are the advantages?

If you are a Public Administration employee and you are looking for an easy, fast and secure solution to have liquidity at your disposal in a very short timethe answer to your needs is undoubtedly there transfer of the fifth NoiPa.

What exactly is the assignment of the fifth? It is a method of personal consumer loan used by many, which consists in requesting a loan with a paycheck from a public and private employee, with an installment equal to – and never exceeding – 1/5 of one’s monthly salary.

The amount is withheld directly every 30 days, up to the total balance of the requested amount.

We are talking about a comfortable and practical solution, provided that there are a number of advantageous features that you can find in our formula of transfer of the fifth NoiPA.

Not all lenders, in fact, offer the same low rates and above all allow you to obtain the disbursement of money very quickly, after having received the answer to your question in just a few hours.

The salary-backed loan of PrestitiFaiDaTe is aimed at all public and state employees, in agreement with the NoiPA systemis regulated by an agreement stipulated between the credit institutes and the MEF (Ministry of Economy and Finance).

In this article, we will therefore see why resort to Do-it-yourself Loans and how to pursue your dreams without getting into excessive debt and enjoying accessible installments based on your salary.

What is our service for the assignment of the fifth NoiPA?

If you are wondering what the loan with assignment of the fifth NoiPAlet’s clarify what are its most advantageous aspects.

It is a question of requesting a loan with an equal installment, and above all never exceeding 1/5 of one’s monthly paycheck, withheld directly from the slip and without having to proceed with the separate payment.

In this way you will not have the possibility of forgetting or delaying your obligation, always being a good payer and being able to request a new credit in the future.

Compared to traditional methods, however, PrestitiFaiDaTe allows you to carry out the entire procedure online, limiting application and disbursement times, not forcing the customer to visit the branch, where times often expand significantly.

It will be sufficient to enter your data, as well as a valid identity document and the payroll and pension slip. PrestitiFaidaTe guarantees the outcome of your feasibility check by filling in the online form within 1 hour of your request.

There transfer of the fifth NoiPA it is aimed at a very specific target, i.e. all public and state employees belonging to all the contracted administrations. The loan with assignment of the fifth NoiPA of it is aimed at all those who work in a ministry, who are employees of a school or a state university, regardless of their job: teachers and lecturers, school staff, employees of local administrations, employees of ministries and health personnel.

This financing allows you to quickly and safely realize some of your dreams, such as the purchase of a new car, furniture, a commercial activity or the booking of an expensive and exotic trip.

It is not necessary to be workers still in business, the loan – through salary-backed loans for state pensioners – is also offered to pensioners who can present their payslip, giving life to those wishes that previously had to set aside.

The most interesting aspect of the portal and its services is the possibility of obtaining liquidity in a short time, up to €75,000 with a fixed and super-subsidised interest rate and with a repayment plan of up to 10 years.

Given the historical and economic period we are going through, this is a considerable bonus, which allows you to immediately obtain the necessary money without having to pay excessive interest that greatly exceeds the budget foreseen.

What are the pluses related to our procedure for the transfer of the fifth NoiPA

Access the loan with transfer of the fifth NoiPA it means enjoying a series of incredible pluses, ranging from the practicality of the request to the speed of delivery.

Let’s see in detail what it is.

Discounted rate and no surprises

What particularly worries those who want to obtain financing in this historical period is precisely the upward swing in rates, which are reaching unprecedented heights and prevent pensioners and public and private workers from realizing their dreams.

PrestitiFaiDaTe instead allows you to stay on figures in line with your possibilities and to always have a precise idea of ​​what will be repaid.

Specifically, currently – for a loan of €30,000 repayable in 120 monthly installments, the NoiPA salary-backed loan rate is 3.69%reserved for state or public employees with a paycheck or for pensioners with a pension slip.

If you take a look around the web or at physical financial institutions, you will realize that it is really one of the most advantageous solutions on offer on the market.

Quickness of the question and of the answer

If your secret dream can no longer wait and you need a quick disbursement of the money, or at least to know the outcome of your application quickly, requesting the NoiPA fifth assignment is the most suitable solution.

Thanks to the 100% online procedure, you will be able to fill in the request with your personal data in a few seconds, following the clear and precise guidelines even for those who are not familiar with computers.

The portal processes your request in a few hours and one of our specialized professionals will contact you in the way you prefer, via email, telephone or WhatsApp in order to have a precise idea of ​​the steps that separate you from your wish.

Forget the administrative delays and the desks of financial officials full of paperwork, obtaining an immediate, secure and smooth service.

Security of your personal data

What is most feared when applying for a loan or giving one’s bank details is that these somehow end up in indiscreet hands or can be viewed by ill-intentioned people.

If you fear that the web could be a source of danger, PrestitiFaiDaTe assures you the inviolability of what you have declared, allowing you to obtain the NoiPA fifth assignment in complete safety.

In fact, our database safely stores the application forms, the outcome and the accounts to which payments are to be made, so that the operation proceeds linearly, without specific risks for personal privacy.

You will therefore have a personal area at your disposal in which to check your files and your position.

You will not be alone in your loan application

Although the application is filled out entirely online, you will never be alone on your journey to making your dreams come true.

In fact, you can count on serious and reliable operators, who stay in touch from the beginning to the end, answering all the questions you may want to ask during the request and disbursement phase.

If you’re not very tech-savvy, you’ll be guided through the whole procedure, which in any case has been designed to be simple and quick.

Broad customer target

The target audience of the transfer of the fifth NoiPA it is very broad and includes all public and state workers who can show a pay slip and an identity document and who will thus finally be able to see their wishes come true without affecting their capital.

Why request the transfer of the fifth NoiPA

There transfer of the fifth NoiPA it is a valid method to make many dreams come true, such as that of buying new furniture for your home.

The disbursement includes sums – from 10.000 up to 75.000 € – with exceptions even for smaller amounts if the desire is not too onerous.

Again, why not treat yourself to the car you’ve always wanted or the motorcycle you’ve been dreaming of going on trips out of town for a long time?

There are many exotic and expensive trips waiting for you, as well as training courses that can cost several thousand euros but allow you to grow professionally and personally.

There are no spending restrictionsso it will be possible to decide to use the sum as you wish, to help a loved one or to pay for the restoration of the country house.

Parents will also be able to take advantage of this form of financing, for example to ensure their children the best schools and guarantee them a rosy and serene future in terms of education.

Everyone has their own dreams, but certainly the transfer of the fifth NoiPA is the best method to achieve them from every point of view.

Indeed it offers subsidized ratesa secure short-memory payment method, is modeled on the basis of the salary size so as not to overdo it and above all it allows you to keep the request within the foreseen budget because the interest is not excessive.

What are you waiting for to call and request the feasibility check online loan through assignment of the fifth NoiPa which do you need?

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