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How to use a retirement loan

How to use a retirement loan

Many people, especially the elderly, don’t really know what a loan for retireesa form of financing through the assignment of the fifth of the pensionwhose installment always remains constant and never exceeds 20% of the total value of the pension.

As mentioned, in fact, this type of financing provides for the salary assignment formula, which is a very comfortable and convenient method of repaying the amount disbursed. The repayment amount, corresponding to one fifth, will in fact come withheld directly from the pension allowance. Obviously, the higher the amount of the pension, the higher the repayment installment granted by the institution. But in no case, never more than one fifth of the pension.

Let’s see, below, how the financed sums can be used and every detail on the procedure.

The loan for retirees: general aspects

After so many years of work the moment finally arrives in which to be able to enjoy a well-deserved retirement and there is no lack of desire, for example, to renovate the environments in which we live or to do new activities, but the unexpected can always hide around the corner. Here, then, that the need may arise have more liquidityfor example for deal with a sudden expensesuch as a renovation in the house or do not budget for medical expenses.

Many times i personal loans for retirees they are also requested in order to complete a project postponed several times over time, simply for go on a trip or vacation or for change the car.

In such situations it will be just the loan for retirees the right solution to achieve each goal with greater serenity, therefore avoiding impacting too much on the monthly budget or empty your bank account. In essence, thanks to this loan, it will be possible to obtain the necessary sum in a short time without having to specify the purpose. Furthermore, the return can be managed over time, in a decidedly flexible way based on specific needs.

Advantages of a loan for retirees

Once clarified how to use a loan for retirees it is important to highlight the positive aspects of the whole procedure. It should be noted that the numerous financial proposals often have different conditions and only some turn out to be really convenient. For this reason it is necessary to carry out a careful comparison, in order to find the product that can do the right thing for you without unpleasant surprises. In this respect proposes solutions personal loans for retirees characterized by maximum versatility and convenience.

Compared to what happens with consumer credit, i loans for retirees they allow you to have a sum of cash available, avoiding having to specify how it will actually be used. The pensioner will thus be able to manage the amount as he sees fit, for example, as mentioned, for meet medical expensesbuy energy-efficient appliances or make a important gift, such as university expenses for children and grandchildren.

The great strength of these non-finalized loans is certainly the dedicated super-subsidised ratei.e. the same value that is reserved, for example, for public and state employees.

Contrary to what one might think, the approval of the financing does not require long times, but it only takes an hour from the request to get a response. In the event of a positive outcome, the sum will be credited in a very short time, so it is not necessary to leave the house to go to offices or queue up. With the personal loan solutions of everything is 100% online.

Naturally everything takes place ensuring maximum confidentiality, also because as specified it is not essential to indicate the reasons for the loan.

Sums can also be obtained up to 89 years at the end of the plan. To all this we must add that with the 100% online formula yes eliminate management costsso in the end you pay small and constant installments.

Thanks to the direct debit on the bank account, the repayment ultimately proves to be very convenient and remains there possibility to change the amount of the installment or of skip it once a year.

The procedure to follow to apply for a loan for retirees

Many retirees believe that getting a loan is complicated, as they have to go through a long process and fill out numerous forms. With the solution of the entire procedure for requesting, accepting and disbursing the sum can be done directly onlinei.e. staying comfortably at home with a few clicks. Basically, the pensioner will be able to independently verify the feasibility, sending the request and the documentation.

Specifically, it is necessary to attach:

  • the latest pension slip;
  • the last CUD slip
  • identity document and health card.

It should be noted that the loans can be requested by pensioners who are resident in Italy, with a minimum income of no less than 650 euros per month and aged between 18 and 89.

Once the preliminary investigation of the file has been completed, after receiving the approval from the Administration to which it belongs, the applicant will receive the full amount within 10 working days directly to the bank account.

During the whole procedure, in case of doubts and questions, you can always count on technical assistance. A staff of expert consultants carefully follows the customers from the moment the application is forwarded and up to the complete disbursement of the loan, also in order to recommend the most suitable solutions for each individual case.

Other guarantees for retirees who receive a loan with a salary assignment

They deserve further notice guarantees provided for retirees who decide to subscribe to a loan with the formula of the assignment of the fifth of the pension. Specifically, it should be noted that the contract will clearly indicate all the expenses associated with the loan, i.e. those relating to, for example, the preliminary investigation, early repayment, the insurance premium in the event of predecease, commissions and interest.

Precisely through the agreements that have been signed with the social security institution, is able to offer products characterized by high convenience, with TAN and APR starting from 3.95% and 4.54% respectively*.

Taking specific needs into account, it will also be possible to obtain a total sum that does not exceed 75,000 euros, always following the entirely online procedure, fast and safe. The prize will also be insured by a life insurance policyso also in this respect there is nothing to worry about.

The payment of the installments can also be made by direct debit on the bank account, a simple and secure system to be able to have liquidity available without justifying and specifying reasons. At this point, the realization of postponed ideas and projects becomes truly and finally possible.

It should be noted that the loan may also be requested using the Public Digital Identity System, otherwise known as SPID. Those who opt for this method will be able to have interesting discounts on the interest rate.

In conclusion

Now that’s clearer how to use a loan for retireesit will be possible to move with greater security and take advantage of the online procedure, fast and safe, through which you can have a response within the hour. The fact of having a sum that can be freely disposed of is certainly a great convenience for those who receive a pension check and have no other sources of income.

The money received, within 10 days of the approvalcan be spent on furnish home and make it more welcoming, pay the dentist bill, take a weekend away with the whole family and much more. Recourse to the loan has recently become a habit for many retirees who often request small sums, useful for helping the family and better addressing every need, such as for example the payment of tuition fees or the purchase of an electronic device.

The application of subsidized rate will make the return of the amount very convenient. Also there 100% online procedure it is within everyone’s reach, given that only a few documents need to be attached and the necessary technical support will be available.

Now that you’ve found out how to use a loan for retireesall that remains is to fill in the form immediately to be able to verify the feasibility request of the personal loan for retirees.

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