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Home » Car accident: when is it convenient to compensate without CID? – Insurance consultant

Car accident: when is it convenient to compensate without CID? – Insurance consultant

Car accident: when is it convenient to compensate without CID?  - Insurance consultant

Have you caused a small accident and are wondering whether or not it is worth filling out the CID?

Want to know how much insurance increases for a minor accident?

Do you want to understand how many classes of merit are lost in case of fault?

In this article, I’ll tell you how to figure out if it’s worth it make a complaint to the insurance or compensate yourself the injured.

A driving distraction, sudden braking, failure to comply with a sign.

There are many causes that can lead to a minor car accident.

A rear-end collision or a scratched side may seem like major damage, but when is it really convenient to pay the damages without doing the CID??

If it is true that reporting to the company is mandatory, it is good to know that in case of agreement it is possible not to make the complaint auto cid and therefore not involve insurance.

Assessing whether or not to do the cid is important because, in the event of an accident with greater than 51% liability, lAt the end of the year, the insurance will report the Malus on our risk certificate, with a consequent increase in the cost of the insurance.

This “black dot” will tarnish our risk certificate for ten years and the cost of car insurance will be affected by this malus for the entire period.

Considering that the premium increase is independent of the amount of the compensationin some cases it could be that the increase in the insurance is higher than the compensation paid to the other party.

How much does accident insurance increase?

If you cause damage to another vehicle your insurance history gets worse and you will find a deterioration of 2 classes of merit in your certificate of risk.

Were you in first class? Now start with the third.

For each class of merit lost, the insurance policy will increase by 4%, which means that with an accident you will certainly pay 8% more.

To this frontal increase you have to add other collateral increases.

To return to the starting condition you will need 3 years, not to mention the fact that it is automatic you lose all discounts and the intermediate classes assigned by your insurance company.

Long story short, consider an average 30% increase in your auto insurance policy.

Agree for compensation without cid

When there is clear assumption of responsibility by one of the parties involved in a road accident, agreeing with the other party is often convenient, paying the cost of repairing the damage caused out of his own pocket, thus avoiding the application of the malus.

Obviously all this is possible only if the other party is willing to accept the compensation proposal, perhaps after having shown the vehicle to a trusted body shop.

Avoiding going through insurance, in the case of small damages, can be advantageous above all because, it should be reiterated, the accident that will be marked on the certificate of risk will affect the tariff for the next ten yearsi.e. until it disappears completely from the insurance history considered by the company.

When is it convenient to compensate without CID?

From personal experience and also on the basis of some calculations it is useful to avoid involving the insurance through CID if the damage is less than 300-400 euros.

The starting class of merit is also a fundamental parameter.

Generally, if you are in first class, it is much better to avoid a Malus.

In the intermediate positions, from the seventh to the tenth class, the difference is less pejorative for the insured.

But each situation should be evaluated in detail with your insurance advisor.

What to do in case of compensation without CID

The main advice to protect yourself in the event of compensation for damages without resorting to the cid is to obtain a release written in plain paper from the damaged.

All the details of the accident and the amount compensated out of pocket must be indicated in the document.

In this agreement between the parties, the declaration of “nothing else to claim” by the person receiving the compensation must be reported.

This declaration serves as proof of this in the event of unpleasant surprises if the other party subsequently decides to report the accident anyway.

How to eliminate the Malus after a compensation via CID

In the absence of agreement with the other party it is good to know that there is another possibility for avoid penalty while going through the insurance.

Many companies allow, before the expiry of the annuity, to make a request for compensate his own company for the damage paid to the other party.

In this way the malus is cancelled. By eliminating the accident from your risk certificate, it is as if it never happened.


In the event of a road accident, you can always rely on the car insurance policy to compensate for the damage caused.

In this article you have understood that it is not always convenient to rely on insurance, especially in the case of minor accidents.

Given that it is always important to ask your trusted insurer, for damages that do not exceed 400 euros it is a good rule to pay the injured party directly to avoid significant increases in the cost of the car.

Article updated on March 17, 2023.

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