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Home » Mortgage subrogation: what it is, who can request it and how it works

Mortgage subrogation: what it is, who can request it and how it works

Mortgage subrogation: what it is, who can request it and how it works

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September 2, 2022

The your mortgage rate current is not as convenient as before and has paying the installment every month become more difficult than expected? If you have already heard of loan subrogationbut you don’t know exactly what it is, in this article we will see in detail why it could be the right solution for you.

In fact, it often happens that rates are affected by surrounding events and market fluctuations, causing the amount to be repaid to spiral up each month. If you don’t want to burden your salary excessively and manage your money better, the suggestion is to access the loan subrogationbut first gather all the information you need by reading below.

What is the loan subrogation?

There surrogate (also called subrogation or portability) of the mortgage consists in shifting debt from the initial lender to a secondary onethan in a precise historical moment guarantees better rates and concessions. This is a procedure already provided for by the civil code in art. 1202, but however only since 2007, with the advent of the Bersani Law, has it become widely used, but only for those who possess the requirements necessary to obtain it.

One of the aspects that most frightens the customer is having to deal with the entire bureaucratic process, which culminates with the stipulation of the notarial deed in which the debt and the related mortgage are transferred. In the previous stage it is usually necessary to present a wide range of documents and specify the reason for the operation.

Proceeding through an online portal allows you to instead significantly streamline the procedure, requesting only the essential documents and allowing you to simulate the entire operation online, concluding quickly without having to go on site and lengthen the times. An operator will always be at your disposal for questions and queries, working from the rear and knowing perfectly the ever-changing legislation.

What are the conditions for being able to apply for a loan subrogation?

Get the loan subrogation it is possible, provided that a series of conditions exist which must occur simultaneously and must not fail.

  • The loan to be transferred must be of the mortgage typeboth relating to the first home and to other types of home for miscellaneous use;
  • to complete the process a notarial deed must be performedso as to confirm agreements and conditions and establish an interest rate;
  • the financing must be equal to the balance of the previous loannet of the installments that have already been paid over time, obtaining a precise calculation by the first paying institution;
  • the owners must not changewhich must be specified again within the deed itself.

Why apply for a mortgage subrogation?

There are many reasons why customers want to apply for a loan subrogation, trying to shorten the times as much as possible. First, it may be necessary lower the monthly payment, because expenses have arisen that were not previously budgeted for. If this has become too heavy compared to the salary, perhaps it is appropriate to modulate it to have a better quality of life and less pressure from an economic point of view.

The second reason concerns the badger, perhaps applied in a historical moment in which it was not particularly advantageous and therefore to be reviewed from the point of view of interests. Another determining factor in the request could be that of switch from fixed to floating rate and vice versaas you have realized that one mode is better than the other for your needs.

What are the advantages of proceeding with the online request?

  • Quick and automatic compilation: the clear and punctual portal is able to guide the customer throughout the process without extending the time, especially if economic needs are imminent and you want to carry out the subrogation immediately.
  • Immediate delivery: upon presentation of suitable documents, such as the loan balance, a valid identity document and the previous notarial deed, the checks and the estimate are carried out within a few hours, so as to have an immediate response and possibly be able take appropriate precautions.
  • Privacy Guarantee: when entering financial and personal documents, customers wonder how much their privacy will be protected in a digital world like the web. offers maximum security with regard to the information provided, continuously updating its systems.
  • Count on qualified professionals: using the various communication methods, such as the chat and the FAQs, you will always get a precise and timely answer to your questions.
  • Time reduction thanks to the online mode: going to the bank or to any financial institution takes a very long time and it is not always possible to complete the application in a single session, with the risk of having to go back several times and seeing stress rise dramatically.

The advantage of online request for loan subrogation it is the possibility of completing the procedure comfortably from home, at the time you want, using only a few minutes of the day and waiting for the outcome in a few hours. We are talking about a smart and convenient way, which leads to a safe result and acts with maximum transparency and safety for the customer.

Don’t get crushed by a mortgage installment that is now too expensive for your finances, modulate the monthly payment according to the conditions that have changed over time. Your peace of mind is priceless and there are so many projects just waiting to be implemented!

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