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Loan types: solutions for every need

Loan types: solutions for every need

The types of personal loans they are numerous and designed to satisfy diversified needs. The most common solutions are definitely i loans for the purchase of a property or for the house renovationthe person, the family and mobility, the so-called not finalizedas well as the salary-backed assignment or of the pension. Let’s see below the respective characteristics of these forms of credit and all the advantages.

Types of loan: general aspects

In general, it is good to know that financing is used to be able to purchase goods and services without affecting one’s liquidity in the bank or when the necessary sum is not available. In essence, once the requested amount is paid, it will be possible return it with comfortable installments.

The loans most in demand today are for:

  • the House;
  • the person;
  • the family;
  • the mobility.

The former allow you to deal with expenses and unexpected events for your homesuch as for example ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions, the purchase of furnishing accessories and household appliances or works aimed at improving energy efficiency.

Instead, i personal loans to lead a more fulfilling life, so to pay for example beauty and wellness treatmentsa voyagerecreational activities and much more.

As for i family financethese turn out to be indispensable in order to be able to meet the needs of the familythat is to say sudden and unavoidable medical expensesi weddings and other ceremonies, i courses of study and vocational training, the debt consolidation and liquidity.

Finally, the sums granted for the mobility are used for thebuying a car or of one new or used bikethe boating and green travel which is attracting growing interest.

Finalized and non-finalized financing

In the context of financing, those are distinguished not finalized from the types listed above, so-called finalized. What are the differences?

In the first case the forms of financing are not subordinated to the purchase of specific goods and services at authorized dealers. The amount is then disbursed directly to the applicant by crediting the current account or by bank cheque. The sum received, consequently, may be used at the discretion of the interested party, without any specific reason for use.

In the finalized loansas indeed the name itself suggests, the relative contract specifies the good or service purchased in installmentstherefore it will be necessary to attach the documentation proving the reasons why the sums are requested.

The main difference is that in special purpose loans, the amount is credited directly to the seller of the good or servicewhile in those not finalised, the amount is paid directly to the applicantwhich can dispose of it in complete autonomy, without any kind of constraint.

A unfinished loan ensures a whole series of advantages, including the fact of having the money available in the account, too failing to provide guarantees specifications and being able to count on one streamlined practice, with disbursement of the amount in a short time.

Loans with salary or pension assignment

There salary-backed assignment or the assignment of the fifth of the pension they are nothing but a particular kind of personal loan which is addressed to employees and retirees. Specifically, funding can be requested to meet personal needs affecting private and family life, for example thepurchase of a new carof the television, of a Course of Study and so on. Naturally such financing represents one good solution when the need arises for greater and immediate liquidity.

THE salary or pension-backed loans involve theobligation to subscribe to an insurance policy to guarantee the repayment of the residual debt in the event of job loss or death of the owner. In short, whoever accesses the assignment of the fifth will ultimately have the protections and rights provided by consumer creditregardless of the loan amount.

Operation is quite simple, as i public and private employeesas well as i retireeswill have the possibility of repaying the sum received on loan by transferring it to the lender up to one fifth – and never more – of the salary or pension.

As regards the requirements, employees, aged between 18 and 63, must be resident in Italy and hired with a permanent contract. THE retireesinstead, with maximum age a 89 years old at the time of expiry of the financing plancan obtain the loan when they receive the minimum amount, i.e. the one established annually by law, net of the transferable installment.

Types of loan: which one to choose

When it comes time to choose a loan it is very important to carefully compare the various solutions, so as to find the product in line with the specific needs.

In recent times, also due to the economic crisis, the loan applications for additional liquiditynecessary to be able to purchase any kind of goods or services.

Request the necessary amount onlineinstead of opting for the traditional channels, will be able to ensure numerous advantagesFor example low activation costs, advantageous interest rates and analysis on the feasibility of the free operation.

L’process is therefore really simple and within everyone’s reach, since all you need is an Internet connection. Via PC, smartphone or tablet, it is only necessary fill in the appropriate form with the requested datathen get an operator’s response within an hour. Once the positive feedback has been received, the requested sum can be received – within 10 days – with direct credit to bank accountthus avoiding long queues at the counters and the filling in of useless forms.

Of course it will necessary to provide adequate documentation which proves the earning capacity and the working situation. The disbursement of the amount, even a considerable one, takes place in any case in a short time, so there is nothing to fear about this aspect as well.


The types of personal loans proposed by are all flexible and characterized by the application of subsidized rates. Known TAN and APR, established the amount of the monthly payment for the duration of the repayment plan, you can take advantage of a series of advantageous options, such as the installment jump. This is a very important aspect, also because unexpected expenses are always around the corner, such as a check-up at the dentist, a graduation gift or a move. Precisely to avoid inconveniences, the fact of being able postpone payment of the installmentallows you to face the repayment period with greater serenity.

It should also be noted that i online loans they are safe and reliable, with clear and transparent conditions, so there are hardly any bad surprises, like additional costs or privacy violations. The financial companies that provide the disbursement make use of cutting-edge software and sophisticated systems of treatment, guardianship and protection of the so-called sensitive personal data.

In conclusion

In the light of what has been explained, the types of personal loans are many and face the procedure 100% online financing offers many practical advantages. Applicants, in fact, will be able to count on the same guarantees as traditional loans, but not only. The online procedure, which involves a few simple clicks, it allows to reduce management costs, as well as to obtain the result of the feasibility within an hour.

Customers who have already gone through the process and obtained the sums, even to have a supply of liquidity, declare themselves fully satisfied. throughout the investigation phasein case of doubts and questions, there is always a consultant ready to provide the necessary support.

Here, then, is that the renovation of your apartmentThe machine changebuying a new appliance or a holiday postponed for a long time, are all projects that can be carried out and completed with great serenity. It should also be remembered that with i non finalized personal loans it will not be necessary to specify how the money will be used, or to provide supporting documents or contact only authorized vendors.

At this point, once you have chosen the type of loan best suited to your needs, all that remains is fill out the form immediately to verify the feasibility of the loana streamlined operation that allows you to have a response within a maximum of one hour.

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